See what people are saying about Wolfpack Football!

I am proud to say my son is a returning member of the Wolfpack. I can personally attest that being a part of the Wolfpack has been a phenomenal experience for him. Coach Patrick works hard to make sure our football players leave the field not only learning more about football but the game of life. The skills they learn on the field will help these young men off the field. In turn, they will continue to excel in discipline, respect and perseverance.” -A Proud Wolfpack Mom


“Three years ago, our son Caleb joined his friend’s family for a road trip to watch their boys play football…little did we know that trip would bring Coach Patrick into our lives in such a powerful and rewarding way. Over these last three years, the Downriver Wolfpack & Coach Patrick have provided an avenue for Caleb to not only learn the game of football, but to be part of a family, a group of young men whom stood together, accountable to one another, and responsible for each others successes, and failures. As Coach Patrick taught the boys, Iron sharpens Iron, as one person sharpens another…extreme loyalty and devotion to the group…bound together as a unit…united for a common goal…a bond that stands the test of time! Our bond to Coach Patrick, his family, our Wolfpack family, our lifelong friends made through this experience with football, life, and faith…it all stands that test of time! Coach we can’t thank you enough for the love, support, and opportunities you provided Caleb and his Wolfpack brothers over the last 3 years. You sir provide an excellent example for the boys to follow…strong leadership and guidance both on and off the football field…we’re very proud to call you our friend, & our Coach!” -The Hale Family, Wolfpack Family


“I played for the Downriver Wolfpack my entire high school career, beginning as a freshman the first year the team was formed. After hearing about a possibility of playing football outside of my high school’s team, I was ecstatic. I remember we had such a long losing streak without even scoring a single touchdown, when we finally scored a touchdown, our entire team went wild like we had just won the Super Bowl. Playing for the Wolfpack was a great experience, and Coach Patrick always instilled values in us. He taught us that we were all brothers, going through the pain together. He would always quote Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” This helped us to grow as a team and learn to work together and help each other where we needed help. As the weeks and seasons went on, we became a force to be reckoned with. The lowly group of freshman that started out the team had become a powerful group of seniors in which we were brothers. Overall, playing for the Wolfpack instilled many great values in me such as hard work, teamwork, loving your brother (as well as your enemy), and helped molded me into the man I am today.” – Austin Anderson, Wolfpack Player


Wolfpack football taught my son respect and honor.  The coaches always told them to put God first and everything else would fall into place.  My son played during the 2010-11 seasons.  He still talks about how much fun it was to play in the Christian Football League. Getting to travel to different fields and meet new people was great.  Coaches were great with the kids and respected their efforts win or lose.  Thank you Downriver Wolfpack.  Go Pack!” – Steve Snyder, Wolfpack Parent


“My son joined the Wolfpack a couple of days before the start of the 2014 season, due to his former team in the same league folding.  I spoke with the coach to see if he had any room for my son at such a late date. Coach Patrick was very accommodating. He explained the teams objectives and goals not just for football, but also character building and support with christian values. I found out that the coach knew about my son’s former team and their situation and that they had been praying as a team for them…  I was touched and impressed.  My son joined the team and was accepted immediately by all as far as I could tell.  It wasn’t long until he was implemented into the games. His second season with the team was a breakout year for him.  He excelled on the field and off.  He can no longer play for the Wolfpack because he is leaving for college, but he is still very fond of the people he has met and wants to visit them as much as possible before he leaves for school.  I’m very pleased with his experience with the Wolfpack.” -Jeff Charles, Wolfpack Parent